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IDENTIFICATION : Printed on ElectrodeCLASSIFICATION:IS:814-04: ERR 4221XAWS/SFA(5.1): E 6013APPROVALS: B.I.S. CHARACTERISTICS:A medium heavy coated rutile type, Mild Steel electrode depositing Radiographic weld metal. It gives average weld metal recovery on higher side of current range and speed. The weld bead is uniform and fine rippled, having good shining with least spatter and self peeling slag.APPLICATION:Sundeep - SS is Recommended for: Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Automobile Bodies, L.P.G. Cylinders Bung, Storage Tanks, Locomotive Fabrication, Bridging of wide root gaps.CHEMICAL PROPERTIES :Carbon - 0.06 – 0.10%Manganese - 0.42 – 0.60%Silicon - 0.30% Max.Sulphur - 0.03% Max.Phosphors - 0.03% Max.TYPICAL MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF ALL WELD METAL:Ultimate T. Strength - 460 – 550 N/mm2Yield Strength - 360 N/mm2 Min.Elongation (L=5d) - 26% Min.Reduction in Area - 60 – 75%Impact Value at 00C - 60 – 100 JoulesCURRENT CONDITION :- AC/DC(–)

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